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Sensor intelligence takes measurement and control of viable cell density to the next level

‘Incyte Arc is making life much easier’

Sponsored content | vrijdag 6 december 2019

Hamilton has recently introduced the intelligent Incyte Arc sensor. It offers on-line viable cell density measurements in real-time  paired with integrated intelligence that leverage Hamilton’s proven Arc technology, saving space and cost.

The production of drugs, monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins based on the cultivation of micro­organisms or cells is a complex process in which many parameters have to be monitored carefully to optimize yield. The FDA’s PAT framework calls for in-line process sensors that can move a measurement from manual sampling and laboratory instruments to automated control of critical process parameters and key performance indicators.

Understanding cell growth is possibly the most important parameter of a bioprocess. Hamilton has recently introduced its Incyte Arc viable cell density sensor. The sensor provides a means for directly measuring viable cell density in real-time, paired with integrated intelligence based on Hamilton’s proven Arc technology. ”With the new Incyte Arc, the integrated microtransmitter amplifies the sensor signal for direct connection to the process control system”, explains Marlene Frank, Product Manager at Hamilton Bonaduz AG. To take full advantage of its digital capabilities, the sensor configuration and maintenance can be done simply by using Hamilton’s ArcAir app, according to Marlene Frank. She adds that users can connect very easily either via USB cable or wireless bluetooth with the app, which is available for PCs as well as Android or iOS tablets and mobile phones.

“Together with the ArcAir app, Incyte Arc simplifies process control and also reduces maintenance efforts” says Marlene Frank. In her experience biopharmaceutical companies often still measure viable cell density off-line, through manual sampling in larger intervals only. While this method is tedious and time consuming, it also only provides a limited window to detect critical process events. “With the Incyte Arc you are not only saving handling time and costs, the continuous measurements in real-time also give you a much more accurate view on possible deviations in your process. This is a big advancement and enables biopharmaceutical companies to the next step implementing the extensive PAT guidelines “, concludes Marlene Frank.

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